The 2012 Muslim Jewish Conference took place in Bratislava, Slovakia from July 8 – 13, 2012. Participants hailed from more than 35 countries including: Afghanistan, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Niger, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The story of MJC is the story of two brothers who were separated, maybe even before they were born, for whatever reason…Years went by and thanks to God, these two brothers met somehow and decided to make all the brothers and all the sisters who were separated come together and the domino effect of the MJC has started since then to reach me and many others now and in the future God willing…

Spending seven days with my Jewish & Muslim brothers and sisters has been life changing and I can definitely tell I am not the same person: the more personal stories I heard, the more I knew that I know nothing in this world indeed…Seeing the display of brotherhood and sisterhood among all the Jews & Muslims was obvious and clear to the point that I wished there were cameras everywhere so that the entire world can witness it…

Our differences are not at all an obstacle for us living in this planet all together peacefully-on the contrary, we have SO MUCH in common and the workshops have demonstrated it by showing that there are loads and loads of areas in which Jews and Muslims can collaborate and produce unrivalled and outstanding results!

For whichever reason we were separated, let us prove to the world that we are nothing but brothers and sisters because I feel, and I may be mistaken, that the world does not see us as such anymore.

As to comment on that, here is a real story that happened in the streets of Bratislava to a group of Jews and Muslims: in that group, there was, among others, a man with a kippa, a lady with the star of David in her necklace, and two ladies wearing the hijab. The group was walking in the old city of Bratislava with friendship & brotherhood. To say that many Bratislavians were surprised to see such a group of people would be a minimization and I may be mistaken! The best part of the story is that this group met a Palestinian residing in Slovakia and a group of Israeli tourists in the street: all of them were touched and moved to see such a group and supported verbally our commitment to peace-their words were touching to all of us and inspiring…

Coming back to the story of the two brothers-Ilja & Mustafa; they started the MJC domino effect and I decided to contribute, and I am not the only one, to enhance this domino effect by committing myself to MJC for the rest of my life God willing in parallel with my work.

Yes, I am not a drama king and this experience has really been so overwhelming that it pushed me to be part of it and to bring together all the Iljas and the Mustafas out there…:-)

Last, but not least, I would like to send an important message to the team in charge of registration and the online registration process: next time, please put a warning in the registration form that says:

“WARNING: MJC can change your life-if you are not comfortable with this idea, please do not apply”

Mohamed (Marketing Consultant), London

Learn more about the Muslim Jewish Conference by visiting http://www.mjconference.de/.


One thought on “MJC Strikes Again

  1. MJC Community though it is small but it will have a positive impact and will be a good example for other groups to start such activities through which peoples of different faiths come closer together and peaceful atmosphere could be generated. MJC community is fantastic where Muslim and Jewish meet and express their views in open enviornment. Muhammad Imran

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